Mountainside Hydronic Heating

About Us

Mountainside Hydronic Heating was started by me, Shane Treat. This venture originatetd 35 years ago with the creation of Auburn Sheet Metal. Auburn Sheet Metal has now transitioned to Treats Heating.

The family business all started when my grandfather, Leon Treat, founded Auburn Sheet Metal.  He passed the company to his son and my father Dave Treat. My father and brother Justin are running the family business today!  I work closely with my family at Treats Heating, assisting with some of there hydronic heating needs. 

Here at Mountainside we have chosen to specialize in hydronics and the art of heating water. In Europe hydronic heat represents approximately  92% of the market. Here in North America it's  one of the fastest growing industries. There are many reasons to consider hydronic heat in your next project. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Sincerely, Shane Treat